Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Effortless Healing by Mercola

It took me longer than normal to post the review for this book, because I felt like reviewing a diet book isn't enough. You should have to actually try it first.  OK, at least I intended to try it first.  Mostly the "trying" part lasted a few days, and the book has been collecting dust waiting for me to write the review ever since.  So, on to the review:  it is not like other "health" books I've read.  The chapters are easy to read and presented in such a way that they do seem possible to achieve. It stresses healthy lifestyle changes, some of which I would find easy, and others that looked like they were not a good fit for me. Like eating all of my meals in a 6 hour period.  Not gonna happen.  Mercola is well known, and I associate with many people who put into practice his ideas, and have had good success with their health.  Even though I absolutely failed at my attempt to utilize the principles within, there are many who have much more self-control who swear by these methods. Definitely worth the read.  

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