Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Modern Pioneering by Georgia Pellegrini

Some people wait anxiously at the window for special guests or a loved one. I wait at my window for the mail. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than seeing that "book-sized" package being carried to my front door.  The anticipation of reading something new, the feel of the shredded envelope underneath my fingernails, those first glimpses of the front cover.  A book junkie's quick fix.  Pulling "Modern Pioneering" by Georgia Pellegrini out of the packaging was more than satisfying.  The book proved to be pleasant to see, and to feel. The photos on the cover immediately caught my eye, and the thick pages made me feel that it would hold up well under intense scrutiny.  I pulled out my glasses, sat down in my favorite chair, and started walking through the chapters.

"Modern Pioneering" offers a mix of gardening tips, recipes, upcycling ideas, and more.  It's not a homesteading book, more of an attempt at moving urbanites into more rural thinking.  It has lots of good ideas for the beginner looking to rely a little bit less on "the grid".  The photos and the variety of fonts, the silly pencil drawings, and the easy step-by-step instructions make this a very fun book to read!  Or, not to read. Simply looking at the pages while sipping a cup of tea would also be highly satisfying.  Tuck it in your beach bag, the coated pages will hold up well in the ocean breeze!  Here, take a peek at the pages yourself. You'll be hooked! http://www.randomhouse.com/book/225709/modern-pioneering-by-georgia-pellegrini

Thank you, Georgia Pellegrini, for breaking up the monotony of an early Spring afternoon with your insights in "Modern Pioneering". And thank you to Blogging for Books who provided this book to me for free in exchange for an honest review.  Learn more about the author and her other works at  http://www.randomhouse.com/author/170370/georgia-pellegrini

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